The childcare centre at Spring Farm is a modern day farm centre located in Spring Farm, New South Wales. It offers both in-home and care services. The farm is known for it’s annual “Farms Day” festivities and special family days like Schoolies Week. As well as running these popular programs, the centre organizes a number of entertaining activities for children at all ages. Here you will find a wide range of activities from circus to art and craft.

One such activity is a Children’s Summer Reading Program, where children get the opportunity to experience the joys of reading in a warm and welcoming environment. The centre also runs a large theatre workshop, where children can experience a hands-on approach to acting and improvising. Another exciting activity is the seasonal Kids Helping Kids program. This is a special program for kids in kindergarten and high school aged students where children help in the run of the farm with chores, planting vegetables, caring for animals, preparing food and more.

Spring Farm is known for it’s warm, friendly, family oriented atmosphere. Your child will meet new friends, make friends and develop lifelong memories while enjoying the activities offered by the centre. The childcare centre at Spring Farm is just one of many excellent day care centres available in New South Wales.