granny flats byron bay

Granny flats Byron bay is the perfect addition to any household, whether they are first time home buyers looking for a flat to rent or a second homebuyer looking to move up to a larger home. Byron Bay has so much to offer first time home buyers and second home buyers that there are two different models to choose from. The two sizes of Granny Flats Byron Bay are the Premier Plus. They offer the same floor plan including three bedrooms and two baths but the sizes of the units are different.

The Premier Plus is priced at an average cost for a single family home. This price includes all inclusive features and the prices for additional features and extras vary. The Premier offers exceptional value and is well equipped for any new home buyer. The standard units in the Byron bay home development are two bedroom units with two bathrooms, a top floor living area that opens up to a Lanai or deck, and a garage.

The standard model of the Granny Flats Byron Bay has two bedroom units with one bathroom and a full sized kitchen. The Premier Plus on the other hand has a larger living space with two bedrooms, a top floor living area, and a second bathroom. The prices for both models are about the same and when purchased together as a set the prices are very comparable to those of the other homes in the development. The price range for either option is affordable for almost anyone.