Insect Control

Did you find spiders, insects, and other pests in your home?

Haitilabor offers the highest quality & most effective pest control services. We are a pest control company bringing to you an uncompromising commitment to customer service and satisfaction. We offer facilities management and environmental services, including pest control, integrated pest management, and other pest control services.

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Rodent Removal

One mouse in your house can mean lots more in hiding.

You can do always try to do it yourself, however, it is always better to choose a rodent exterminator. Learn facts about rodents, identification tips, damage, and removal from homes and choose the best solution for your home or business. We offer a variety of rodent removal services.

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Mole Control

Mole tunnels, mole damage to your lawn, or mounds in your yard?

Let our knowledgeable professionals take care of your problem. Our licensed and insured mole control specialists know exactly what to look for. Get rid of moles in your lawn by contacting a professional exterminator to set traps or by soaking the soil. We take pride in the quality of pest control services that we offer.

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Lawn Grubs Removal

Keep your lawn healthy.

If your grass turns brown and pulls up easily in July and August, or if you notice a lot of critters such as skunks or raccoons tearing up your lawn, your grass may be infested with grubs. Better yet, because of a growing preference for natural gardening solutions, there are now some easy and natural ways to kill lawn grubs and stop them

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Fleas Removal

We will help you to get rid of fleas on your pets, in your house, and in your yard.

In order to kill all the flea life stages, you MUST treat your home and yard again – 3 to 4 weeks after your first treatment. Throw away the bag each time you vacuum. Sweep & mop tile or wood flooring. Wash your pet’s bedding – Fleas love to nest in the same place your pet does to keep feeding on him or her.

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Termite Extermination

Protecting your home from termites is an important part of homeownership.

These pests can cause extensive damage, but even worse, they can remain undetected for long periods of time resulting in many years of damage without knowledge of an issue. Due to the high pressure of termite activity in our area, preventative termite protection from our company is best.

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