VIP protection, also called closed protection, refers to special risk mitigation measures taken to secure the personal safety and protection of VIPs or individuals who could be exposed to high personal risk due to their employment, prominence, membership in certain organizations, financial assets or geographic location. VIPs may face life-threatening or lethal risks from terrorist activities, natural disasters, or armed conflict. VIPs may become victims of crime, robbery, kidnapping, torture or any other incidence that puts their lives at great risk. Protection services ensure VIP safety by providing security, legal assistance, advice and counsel, and by monitoring and controlling access to sensitive information and locations. VIP protection is an important way to protect your business, your assets, your family, your reputation, your money and the things that are important to you.

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The need for vip protection is increasing in today’s society, as many people find themselves either working in or supporting volatile situations where personal safety and protection are threatened. As a result, there has been a growth in the number of law enforcement agencies that are offering private security and VIP protection services. A VIP protection service can include the provision of undercover surveillance, protection and monitoring of personnel and assets in risky areas and on offshore islands. VIP protection officers are trained in all aspects of VIP protection and the use of local law enforcement resources to apprehend illegal activities and provide security and protection for VIPs who may be in danger. VIP protection officers monitor the perimeter and watch the interior of the facility and report back to the company.

Law enforcement officers are often the best choice for providing protection services for VIPs. This is because they have the training and experience required to apprehend criminals or to protect VIPs while they are in custody. There are several advantages to hiring an officer who is a professional in this field. Bodyguard companies tend to only partner with accredited law enforcement agencies to ensure that the bodyguard and the agency remain on an even keel. An officer with a bodyguard background is more likely to have contacts and/or past experience with the various VIP protection services and will better understand how to best utilize his or her skills to protect a VIP.